Logan Loomis

The mission of Logan Loomis, LLC is simple: performance improvement.

Through coaching, training, speaking, and assessment, we help talented people achieve more of their potential, have a positive impact on the people they lead and the customers they serve, and get the right people in the right jobs. The payoff is improved personal and business performance.

Logan Loomis’ latest book outlines a proven formula for making good people decisions—a practical method for getting the right people in the right jobs.

Logan has created the hiring and performance manual that will be required reading for all my various businesses' executives. - John West, CEO Lion Asset Management

Getting the People Equation Right

Renaissance Executive Forum Interview

Whether you are in sales, customer service, managing a team or leading a company, this book will help you. It is a short—throw in your briefcase—primer on customer negotiation. It shares practices that will help you negotiate great return and great relationship at the same time. You will also gain insight into how to solve problems more effectively, handle conflict, gain influence and tap into your personal power.

The principles in Both Sides Win! have had a lasting impact on our people’s ability to be better listeners and to negotiate more effectively and efficiently.” - Lou Bifano, VP, Business Development and Alliance IBM Tivoli Software

Skills that I learned from Logan have improved my sales closing ratio, and have improved by personal relationships and how I relate to others. - Lois Thomas, Senior Sales Estimator, Response Team 1

Both Sides Win Cover

A “Logan Moment”

That's what our clients have dubbed the head-slapping “Ah-Ha” moments that often happen after training or consulting with Logan.

A “Logan Moment” is when what he promises during the training will happen, actually happens. For example, during the negotiation training Logan would tell us not to try to solve a customer’s problem too quickly. We had a customer who said we had not solved her problem. By using the techniques Logan taught we were able to ask her enough questions, and rephrase our questions so that we revealed her underlying problem. It was different than the stated problem, but we were able to solve the problem, and had a real happy customer again.
—VP of Sales

“We had consultants before we met Logan, but there is a shelf life for most consultants. They become less effective over time. Logan is different. Our conversations are about solving business problems, and he gets that. Every time I meet with him his value increases. It’s valuable time for me and my team.” — Greg Miller, President & CEO, CrossCom National

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