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March 20, 2020
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Are You Taking Data-Driven Approach To Hiring?

You are making a hiring decision and you obviously want the right person for the job. So, you decide to put away the Ouija board and take a data-driven approach.  Kudos to you!  Taking a data-driven approach, known as people analytics, can definitely improve your people-related decisions—as long as you use good data. 

I talk about people analytics in my upcoming book Getting the People Equation Right and offer a litmus test for good data—the book is coming in September.  Regarding good data, I cite academic research that shows personality tests have virtually no validity for predicting specific job performance. 

Not good hiring data.  David Burkus agrees.  Burkus is a best-selling business author and former business school professor.  I really like his stuff and he is witty—not necessarily common for former business professors.  He had me laughing with his excellent critique of using personality tests for personnel decisions—sadly too common. 

Thought it would be fun to share.  See the link below for his article Personality Tests are Useless (Most of Them Anyway), and make sure you watch the video.  Have fun!

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