My only agenda is your success!

To be an effective leader, the first person you have to lead is yourself. My highly individualized approach focuses on helping leaders gain more self-awareness, focus on their strengths and development opportunities, while providing a confidential space for them to think through business problems.

Our coaching relationship will provide you with a powerful way to accelerate your goals and unlock your leadership potential. We will lay out a plan to help you achieve next-level success and effectiveness.

Gain more self-awareness.

Because you are unique, change in any aspect of your life will require an understanding of who you are. I use the Harrison Assessment® to provide comprehensive feedback on natural strengths, levels of situational awareness, leadership competencies and high-leverage areas for improvement.

Focus on your strengths and development opportunities.

Over the years, I have learned that focusing on strengths has the highest, positive impact on performance. By helping you focus on your strengths first and then spotlighting areas needing improvement, I help you achieve a balanced approach to professional growth and development.

Enjoy a confidential space to think through your problems.

I’m here to help you think through your problems without judgement. Why am I a good sounding-board? Because I am experienced in what it takes to grow profitable businesses and I understand high-achieving leaders like you.

You’re one call away from

reaching the next level.

Let’s start the conversation about your success!
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