Getting the People Equation Right:

How to Get the Right People in the Right Jobs and Keep Them

People are not your greatest asset. The right people, in the right jobs, effectively led are your greatest asset. 

Every leader today has a heightened challenge in getting the right people in the right jobs. You will not be equal to that challenge if you follow the traditional approach for making a hiring decision. That is assessing qualifications—experience, education and skill set—and then conducting and interview that is inherently subject to confirmation bias.

There is a better way, I call it the People Equation: 

Attitude (Suitability) + Qualifications (Eligibility) + Culture Fit = Job Success 

The People Equation provides an analytical framework (people analytics) to guide the reader in selecting people who have the qualifications and the attitude toward the job that support them in doing a fantastic job and who have shared cultural values. The People Equation infuses objectivity into people decisions. Understanding the role and power of behavioral data is the heartbeat of people analytics and getting the People Equation right. 

But getting the right people in the right jobs is only part of the success story. The rest of the success story is keeping them. And that is about leadership. You have people who can do the job successfully, but do they want to do the job for you? The book sets out 5 leadership commitments that support engaging and retaining talent.


“There are a ton of books on how to hire people, but most of them are, as the old saying goes, ‘a mile wide and an inch deep.’ They have lots of ideas, but precious little on the true science and real world ‘how to’ behind effective hiring and retention of excellent employees. Logan Loomis takes you on a deep dive into getting the people part of your business right. Getting the People Equation Right is a rock-solid value and a pleasure to read. Highly recommend!”

— Joe Calloway, author of The Leadership Mindset



“Wow! Finally, a book has been written in a concise and entertaining fashion by someone who gets it! For nearly 30 years I have been starting and growing companies and have intuitively relied on Logan’s principles. Now Logan has created the hiring and leadership manual that will be required reading for all my various business executives. How I wish this book had been around 30 years ago to make my life easier.”

— John West, Chairman, Hire Velocity


“One of the most pressing demands on leaders today is how to identify and retain top talent.  Logan Loomis’ book Getting the People Equation Right gives practical insights into how to best select people who can do the job and how to lead them in a way that gets them to do the best job for you. Committed leaders will find extraordinary value in this book!”

— Dr. Bob Nelson

5 million-copy bestselling author of  1501 Ways to Reward Employees, The Management Bible, and Work Made Fun Gets Done!

Additional Praise

  • John Goense
    “I have worked closely with Logan for many years on several companies with which I’ve been involved as an investor and as Chairman or CEO. His advice on the selection and development of key people is consistently very insightful and extraordinarily helpful. His new book does a terrific job of capturing Logan’s approach to delivering such valuable insights.”
    John Goense
    Partner, Goense Capital Partner
  • Rick Tate
    “Logan has written an extraordinary contribution to the field of organizational leadership. This book successfully combines an individual and organizational roadmap to success. Rarely does one find so much practical wisdom in a single work. Supporting every principle or insight is a story or example that captures the essence of the issues. You will find yourself nodding time after time as you read. Thanks to Logan for taking much of the guesswork out of daily leadership challenges.”
    Rick Tate
    coauthor of Leadership and the Customer Revolution
  • Aaron Burton
    “With Getting the People Equation Right, Logan Loomis has a clear message about making your people and culture a top priority. It’s a must read for anyone in leadership, or anyone who wants to help build a better culture. Getting the People Equation Right will undoubtedly be incorporated into Sciton’s Leadership Candidate Academy.”
    Aaron Burton
    CEO, Sciton, Inc.
  • John Marsh
    “The right people in the right job give you the power of multiplication! This book is like an updated prescription for your glasses. It helps you see better the greatest asset to your company!”
    John Marsh
    host of the podcast Redemptification
  • C. Mark Hussey
    “Getting the People Equation Right masterfully describes the powerful insights from the Harrison Assessment tool combined with practical guidance on how to effectively interview and make hiring decisions. But Logan has taken the book much further and created a must-read guide to becoming a world-class leader. What a delightful and easy-to-read resource that I highly recommend!”
    C. Mark Hussey
    President & COO, Huron Consulting Group
  •  Tim Durkin
    “Loomis has cracked the code…and your organization can be better for it. Understanding and using the equation of suitability, eligibility, and culture fit as measured by Loomis’ insights, tools, and assessments nearly ensures a productive hire for your organization as well as for the hire.  Committing to the five commitments he discusses will help any leader retain top talent. I would add that Loomis is a pleasant writer and is enjoyable to read. Not common in worthwhile business books. It is tempting (and easy) to read this book in one sitting, but I suggest a slower pace to examine the insights more carefully to ease their implementation.”
    Tim Durkin
    author of Moving from Promise to Performance
  • Matt Asmus
    “I will use Getting the People Right as an owner’s manual for how to build, motivate, and KEEP a team. Wore out my favorite highlighter marking all the stuff I could use to improve the people side of my business. Really like all the references to additional materials on the topics.”
    Matt Asmus
    President and COO, Ezee Fiber of Texas
  • Lou Bifano
    Getting the People Equation Right is a must read for any people manager or team leader. Logan Loomis brings process and a structured approach to the challenges organizations face in getting the right people in the right job and keeping them there. I particularly enjoyed his chapter on the process of listening to the point of understanding.”
    Lou Bifano
    Harbert College of Business, Auburn University
  • Greg Cessna
    “The people equation takes the mystery around successful hires and brings clarity by providing a qualitative and quantitative approach. The principles of enjoyment coupled with the paradox of providing balance in outcomes and happiness are brilliant. The notion that people find their highest contentment in jobs that match their skills to things they enjoy doing offers a new way of thinking for leaders. Getting the People Equation Right is a must read for any C-suite leader.”
    Greg Cessna
    Chairman and CEO, Consumers Produce, Inc.
  • Craig Weber
    “My work primarily focuses on helping teams work together effectively under pressure. But that ability hinges on getting the right people on the team in the first place. In Getting the People Equation Right, Logan Loomis provides an abundance of clear, engaging, and practical advice for doing exactly that.”
    Craig Weber
    author of Conversational Capacity and Influence in Action
  • Robert Roblin
    “During my 40+ year technology start-up career as an employee, executive and founder, I learned people and culture determine business outcomes, not technology. I developed two suggestions for people interested in joining start-ups: know what you are wired to enjoy doing and know how the business you want to join is wired. Logan’s book provides the analytics to understand your own wiring and that of the culture you want to join.”
    Robert Roblin
    Consulting Entrepreneur

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