Getting the People Equation Right:

How to Get the Right People in the Right Jobs and Keep Them

Have you ever made a hiring mistake? Do you know how to avoid making hiring mistakes in the future? In Getting the People Equation Right, Logan Loomis outlines a proven formula for making good people decisions — a practical method for getting the right people in the right jobs.

Getting the People Equation Right shows you how to identify strong performance potential: people who can both do the job and who have the qualities needed to excel. You will learn how to discover why your current top performers perform so well and how to use that understanding to hire your next high performer.

Getting the People Equation Right provides intriguing insight into counterproductive job behaviors such as being harsh, authoritarian, dogmatic, permissive, inflexible or dominating. The author shows you how to recognize these counterproductive behaviors in people before you hire them. It will also help you retain your top performers. You will learn five simple, but powerful, management practices that great managers use to retain top talent.

In short, Getting the People Equation Right offers a practical method for getting the right people in the right jobs and keeping them.

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  • Scott Roelofs
    "This is an amazing book! It helped me relate to people in a very real way and find common ground for us to build a meaningful relationship! I have already increased my sales and enjoyed my sales calls more after reading this book. I would recommend this book for anyone in sales or anyone that wants to have better interpersonal relationships!"
    Scott Roelofs
    Principal Roelofs Capital Group

Both Sides Win!

3 Secrets for Success in Customer Negotiation

Whether you are in sales, customer service, managing a team or leading a company, this book will help you.

It is a short, throw-in-your-briefcase primer on customer negotiation. It shares practices that will help you negotiate great return and great relationship at the same time. You will also gain insight into how to solve problems more effectively, handle conflict, gain influence and tap into your personal power.

  • John West
    ''Wow! Finally, a book has been written in a concise and entertaining fashion by someone who Gets it! For neatly 30 years I have been starting and growing companies and have intuitively relied on Logan's principles. ow Logan has created the hiring and performance manual that will be required reading for all my various businesses' executives! How I wish this book had been around 30 years ago to make my life easier!"
    John West
    CEO Lion Asset Management; Former Group President, Monster Worldwide, fka TMP Worldwide
  • Graham Barkus
    "Getting the People Equation Right distills one of the most pressing challenges inhibiting organizational success into simple, accessible concepts coupled with practical and immediately applicable advice. This book should not be on the bookshelf of every CEO or HR Director-it should be close at hand and referenced in any discussion concerning people's performance at work."
    Graham Barkus
    Manager of Learning and Development Group, Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • Andrew Reed
    "Logan Loomis has captured his teaching and consulting prowess in this book. He has worked with me the past five years to improve the performance of two different businesses that have navigated difficult economic and leadership transitions. Both have been re-established on a firm foundation of communication and performance by working as an aligned team and not a collection of individuals. I highly recommend the book and encourage any reader to get to know the insights of this author. You and your business will be better for the effort."
    Andrew Reed
    CEO, U.S. Fence
  • Valeri Marks
    "WOW!" is absolutely the right word to describe Getting the People Equation Right. Logan's tips and techniques are informative, entertaining and educational. You can't help but be inspired to get the "right person in the right job to make a huge impact." This will be a must read for CEOs who understand that getting and keeping the right people is job #1 !
    Valeri Marks
    CEO, Hire Velocity
  • Peter Burwash
    "So many companies these days are solely focused on the bottom-line. The employees sense chis and do not feel valued. Most people leave leaders and managers, not companies. Logan Loomis understands the importance of focusing on people first and foremost."
    Peter Burwash
    Founder and President of Peter Burwash International, Author of The Key to Great Leadership and four other books
  • Julio Melara
    "Getting the People Equation Right is a great read for any business leader trying to build a healthy organization. Whether you're starting a company, or running part of a big one, the level of success you'll achieve is all about hiring and keeping the right people."
    Julio Melara
    Publisher, Baton Rouge Business Report, Author of It Only Takes Everything You've Got!

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