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April 25, 2018
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Succeeding in a Different Sandbox – Podcast with Penny Tremblay

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking with Penny Tremblay, the creator of Play Nice in the Sandbox to discuss succeeding no matter your environment.

Listen as Penny and I discuss how self-reflection and behavioral assessments can help you ensure positive outcomes wherever you may find yourself.

Listen to Logan and Penny Now (Length – 12:24)


Excerpt from Penny’s site:

In my expertise of workplace conflict, training and resolution, the metaphor Play Nice in the Sandbox is my objective. I help people learn to play nice in the sandbox, and when they don’t, I help them fix broken relationships.  Most often, in the mediation work that I do, I notice that people are bringing old conflict into their current sandbox.

I had the privilege of meeting a gentleman from New Orleans, who has an incredible mind when it comes to this topic.  In this brief interview, Logan Loomis, a consultant, coach and professional trainer helping companies unlock performance potential in their people and business, shares some excellent experience and feedback about bringing old stuff into a new sandbox.  (ie. Family values vs. workplace realities). More importantly, how to be aware of the behavior and change it.

Please visit Penny’s site to read the full post and transcript from our conversation.


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