Building Relational Influence Virtual Training

This training is a cost-effective, interactive virtual program that guides your team in developing and implementing practices that build positive relationships and influence winning outcomes.

It is an essential tool in teaching your team to better connect with clients’ needs and heighten their influence.

This live personal 1.5 hour virtual program is an interactive exercise focused on developing your team’s awareness and ability to build relational influence.

Through topical dialogue, scenario role-plays, real-time feedback and follow-up coaching, participants have the opportunity to practice and perfect techniques and practices that will help them connect and communicate with clients and customers in such a way that both sides win!

In this program, you will learn practices that are essential for lasting success in:

  • Being heard and understood
  • Gaining influence
  • Handling conflict and push-back
  • Identifying underlying needs and interests
  • Not giving away personal power

Personal Engagement

Limited to 2-3 participants


Managers and directors can observe the program in real-time


1.5 hour virtual program


Follow-up call to evaluate progress and implementation


Paid per training

  • John Williams

    As the CEO of my own company, nothing is more important than making sure my team understands and connects with our clients. In just one hour, this program taught them the skills and techniques of how to do that. Do you want your team to better connect with your clients? Have them go through this program and they will.

    John Williams
    JCW Creative

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