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Both Sides Win Customer Negotiation & Sales Training

During the Both Sides Win Customer Negotiation & Sales Training, you will develop skills and effectiveness in customer negotiation, enhancing your ability to negotiate great return and build a lasting relationship at the same time. The learning elements are based on my book Both Sides Win.

Developing skills is the goal of this workshop. After engaging in practice rounds, the insight you’ll gain is reinforced through an individualized follow-up coaching session to further promote skill development.

In this program, you will learn practices that are essential for lasting success in:

  • Being heard and understood
  • Gaining influence
  • Handling conflict and push-back
  • Identifying underlying needs and interests
  • Engaging around value rather than price
  • Not giving away personal power
  • Lois Thomas

    “Skills that I learned from Logan have improved my sales closing ratio, and have improved by personal relationships and how I relate to others.  Logan has such a positive energy and he keeps you enthralled and involved when you are speaking with him or attending a workshop he is leading.”

    Lois Thomas
    Operations Manager at Alliance Disaster Kleenup

Both Sides Win!

3 Secrets for Success in Customer Negotiation

Both Sides Win! aims to help readers master customer negotiation and learn powerful practices that lead to great returns and great relationships at the same time. In this book, readers will learn to solve problems more effectively, handle conflict, gain influence and tap into their personal power.
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