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With over 30 years of professional experience, I have the expertise to help talented business leaders achieve their highest potential, lead with extraordinary influence and positively impact the people they lead and the customers they serve. In successfully supporting leaders in achieving significant growth, I strive to provide uncommon insight into both business and personal performance.

I understand the challenges business leaders and top performers face, because I’ve walked in their shoes. 

One of the biggest challenges in business is getting the right people in the right jobs and keeping them. I help my clients do that by providing insight into job-specific performance behavior by using the Harrison Assessment. Using this award-winning platform, we will work together to ensure that you not only hire the right people for the right positions but that your chosen talent is developed, led and engaged to produce the highest level results for your company.

Predictive Analytics to Acquire, Develop, and Lead Talent.

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Getting the People Equation Right:

How to Get the Right People in the Right Jobs and Keep Them

Getting the People Equation Right outlines a proven formula for making good personnel decisions — a practical method for getting the right people in the right jobs. Throughout this book, readers will learn how to identify strong performance potential in people who cannot only do the job, but who also possess the qualities needed to excel.

Both Sides Win!

3 Secrets for Success in Customer Negotiation

Both Sides Win! aims to help readers master customer negotiation and learn powerful practices that lead to great returns and great relationships at the same time. In this book, readers will learn to solve problems more effectively, handle conflict, gain influence and tap into their personal power.

Training Programs


Getting the People Equation Right Workshop

These programs are designed to help leaders and managers raise their talent IQ: how to understand and influence the performance behavior of the people they manage and lead. The programs are based on the principals in my book Getting the People Equation Right.
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Both Sides Win Sales & Negotiation Training

During this 1-day, highly experiential training, followed by a one-on-one coaching session with each participant, you will develop the influence skills needed to increase sales and profitability while building strong relationships. Participants also learn techniques to effectively handle conflict and push-back.
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Value Creation Leadership℠

Through participating in this Leadership Intensive Program, your company leaders will receive highly individualized and experiential training and coaching. This program will help unlock their potential and effectiveness while enhancing the skills and leadership traits that will move your organization forward.
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